Benefits Of Leasing Roofs For Solar

With the model Leasing Roofs, the 3rd party or called as The Investors will put all the money for the whole project. Property Owner who leases the roofs will not spend any costs for installation or operation, instead of that, he or she will receive a lot of benefit in terms of finance, facility and help environment to be green and beautiful.

Let’s find out all the benefit with Xanh Lá Solar!


Rooftop solar finance income

  • Receive monthly cash flow income by leasing roofs or
  • Reduce electricity bill by a discount rate, better option due to the increment of electricity price in future
  • Inherit rooftop solar system after lease period and enjoy free electricity


protect environment

  • Reduce carbon footprint to environment
  • Reduce pressure to exploit limited fossil fuel
  • Create new Supply, reduce the overload for National Grid


Green Building Solar

  • Protect your own roofs from weather to increase longevity of roofs
  • Cool down the building and reduce cooling bills
  • Increase your business competency by using Green Energy


Rooftop solar PV are soon going to become very common and rooftop solar leasing can potentially be a win-win for both building owners who have roofs and investors who have money. However, since Vietnam is a “newbie” market for solar then we certainly have some challenges of availability of skilled experts, procedures. As a building owner, you need to make sure what you need to know if you are considering leasing your roofs.

Curious if Rooftop Solar makes sense for your businesses?

Contact us to schedule a free solar assessment. We’ll help you determine if leasing roofs is good option for you by:

  • Evaluate your current electricity usage
  • Inspect your roofs and building location
  • Prove a free and no obligation estimate

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