Project Development Process

Xanh La Solar provides rooftop solar development services to property owners and/or investors under the form of independent consultancy.

We develop and manage projects from conception to getting approval, oversee installation and connection and keep following up on the operation afterwards.

We work directly with the property owner and/or investor at every step of the way to ensure that the project is successful and satisfactory for all parties.

Consultancy & Survey

We help you to understand about rooftop solar and how to get benefit from it by offering our free consultancy

First of all, Xanh La Solar will ask you to provide some information about your situation, such as a lay-out plan of your building, your current electricity consumption, and so on.

Based on that, we will do our “homework” by making a proposal for installing a solar installation on your building, which can be done in two possible ways:

  • Invest in the rooftop solar system with your own capital
  • Lease out your rooftop to a third party investor who sells you the electricity

To find out more about which one is more suitable for you, click here.

Based on your preference, we will then start preparing the necessary contracts and prepare them for signing, including:

  • Construction contract with the EPC supplier
  • Connection agreement with EVN

(if you choose to invest by yourself)

  • Roof lease contract with the investor
  • Power purchase agreement with the investor

(if you choose to lease out your roof)

We will assist you during the negotiations and ensure that you get the best possible deal.

We develop your projects by working on:

  • Project installation method in details
    • Not damage your roofs
    • Top Tier 1 components
  • In charge of finance funding (if needed)
  • Work with the 3rd consultant for transparency
  • Work with EVN for permitting
  • Work with Insurance

During the installation phase, we still there with you to assure the job done well according to the plan

Development & Installation

We make sure the installation method not affect your roofs and install the best quality products

Operation & Maintenance

We are with you during operation phase, available for your assistant 24/7

We are with you during operation phase, available for your assistant 24/7

Inherit the system after the leasing contract period and start to enjoy the free electricity

We combine expertise from Europe & local experience from Vietnam

If you want to make your rooftop solar system a success by working with trusted and experienced rooftop solar developers then do not hesitate and write us a mail or give us a call!

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