Rooftop Solar – A sustainable investment

Thinking about investing in rooftop solar? It sounds very trendy but what rooftop solar system is and how much profit I can benefit from putting loads of money?

Well, if you have your own building which has big size roofs, you can also check the article Invest or Lease to understand the comparison of these two business models. Within this article, I would like to mention some points to prove that Investing rooftop solar system is one of the most sustainable & amazing business opportunities that you should seize as soon as possible.

Offer excellent return

Solar PV is a fantastic investment. Returns of 20% – 30% plus are available, non-taxable (for individuals)inflation linked and dependent only on the sun coming out.

Of course you need to go through the whole financial projection of all figures such as Net Present Value, IRR, ROI, Payment period…with your developer to select the most profitable, sustainable project before making any decision.

Act like passive incomes

It truly looks like a “passive income” since the solar system can generate cash flow income without any need of your time, your effort after installation phase. You will have your own developer with you at any steps during the whole lifetime of the PV system.

Offer Financial Incentive

Enjoy exemption from imported tax for imported system or components and business income tax.

Finally, as with any investment, you need to give serious consideration not only to the initial capital outlay, but also to the system performance and operating/maintenance costs over the expected life cycle of the product. It is also critical to make sure that you select a developer that is reliable, transparent with all financial figures and will be there to help you maintain your system over its product life-cycle for the many years to come.

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