Why Rooftop Solar Investment Is Safe?

We often heard something like “High Risk High Return” in investment. It is common to accept that we should take some risks if we want to use our money to make more money. Well it is actually not case in Rooftop Solar Investment. Let me share with you some reasons as below:

Generate Monthly Cash Flow

Electricity bill is one of the expenses which increases your overhead and make you headache especially when the electricity price likely goes up annually. Given 6% increment every year, you can calculate and forecast your bill in the next 20 years.

It is not the case if you have your own rooftop solar system to produce electricity. It will reduce your dependence to the rate decided by the Utility and certainly leads to the saving which you deserve.

If your role is the Investor who does not own the roofs, it is still amazing. The chance that the electricity price goes down is quite impossible then consequence is you even enjoy bigger cash flow income.

Is it good enough?

Offer Excellent Returns

The rooftop solar system starts to generate money to you once it is turned on. The cash flow will accumulate for a certain number of years to payback all your initial investment. After the payback period, every kWh you use will turn into money which you can use to buy something you like or invest somewhere else or even better is continue invest in solar business.

Some systems can pay for themselves after 4 years or 5 years and some can take longer. It all depends on your specific system, location and also how your developer plan the financial projection.

The more electricity you consume, the higher rate, then absolutely the more income stream you have and the shorter payback period as a result.

Equipment Is Backed By Manufactures

Let remember if there are many devices or equipment you bought come with 25-year warranty.

The reality is nothing perfect or last long without any defects. However, in solar industry, strong manufactures provide power output until 25 years and product warranty from 10 – 12 years. Read more at Solar Panel Warranties.

Performance Is Backed By Installer

Installer usually offers you a warranty on the quality and workmanship of their installation.

  • Workmanship warranty protects you from labor-related defects. This warranty vary depending on EPC/ Installers.
  • The production warranty will guarantee the mount of electricity will produce as agreed in the contract.

If they provide you a long or 5 year continues coverage, it is a sign that they are ready and willing to stand behind their work on your roof or your investment from designing to installing.

Technology Has Been Tested & Developed

You will see a lot of reputed companies rely on solar power as a green & sustainable resource such as Tesla, Apple, Amazon, WalMart.

It was true that a few decades ago people questioned a lot about the reliability of solar technology. But many and many solar projects still run effectively after years in Europe, America…So now it is all your call. Decide to install now and enjoy all the benefits that solar would bring to you.

The Sun Will Continue To Shine

Your investment only depends on the Sun. As long as the sun shines, your rooftop solar system still run and generate income stream for you.

Let’s give an example, you put your money into stocks. Your stocks value go up when the company performs well and get profit. Which mean your investment depends on the company strategies, people, materials,…That is why rooftop solar is safer or less risk because it depends on the sun energy which is unlimited and free input.

We hope that this article will give you some reasons to be more confident and decisive in investing in rooftop solar. Let’s get in touch with Xanh La Solar, we will give you some business cases to make you fully understand how profitable & safe the rooftop solar investment is.

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